How to cut an herb garden

Your herbs are looking plump and fantastic! It’s now time to harvest! Cut your herbs the right way to get the best possible product. Use herbs for cooking, home remedies or garnishes. Growing herbs isn’t difficult, and cutting your garden is just as easy. Regular cutting is beneficial and keeps your herbs growing full and healthy.


1.  Watch your herbs and wait for the leafy stage. The goal is to harvest your herb garden as soon as the leaves are mature and healthy but before flowering begins. Once flowering begins, the leaves have a weaker flavor and will be less useful.

2.  Cut herbs after the water on them has dried, whether it’s dew or artificial watering.

3.  Cut herbs early in the day before the sun is hot. Harvesting herbs this way ensures good oil content.

4.  Pluck leaves you intend to harvest with your fingers when the plant is mature enough to be completely covered in leaves so that ones you take will be replaced by new growth. Use small gardening scissors to cut the stem of the leaf if you prefer cutting.

For herbs that grow low to the ground, like parsley, cut just above the soil level to remove the leaves. Do not remove more than half the leaves on a ground herb like parsley at one time.

For herbs without leaves, cut the plant near the base of the stalk with scissors.

5.  Cut herbs early and often. Removing leaves from herbs will help prevent the growth of flowers and let you use your herbs for a longer period of time. If they’re growing too quickly and you can’t use them fast enough, then harvest and dry or freeze the herbs for future use.