You purchased your basil…now what?

Basil is easy to grow if you remember a few main things…

1.  Basil Does Not like to be wet and cold…. Spring in the Maritimes often comes with cool and wet weather, so wait until the last chance of frost to plant your basil outside. In the meantime, keep it in a sunny window!

2. Do not over-water! Let your Basil dry out between watering….(not to the point of wilting).

3. Do not harvest hard until your plant is well established.  Once you get your starter plant home, re- pot it. You can plant your basil alone in a pot size up from the 3.5 inch pot (around 6″) or put two or three basil and or a variety of herbs in a larger pot.

4.  Once your basil is well established, look at where the new laterals have formed and cut the top of the basil down to that point.  Do not harvest the side leaves as they are needed to continue in the plants growth and health. 

One Basil plant will harvest a lot, but a die-hard basil lover should plant 3 – 6 basil to get a bountiful summer crop! Take a look at my short YouTube video on how to pinch back basil.