Use Borage as a companion plant for Tomatoes!



Borage is not just attractive with its star-shaped blue flowers it also tastes good and makes a gorgeous garnish. More importantly, it is very useful as a friend for your tomatoes!

There are many good companion plants for tomatoes, but how do you work them into an overall garden plan without just feeling like you’re wasting valuable veggie-growing space? Here is an idea for getting the most use out of a tomato; companion-plant borage!

Borage is a perfect companion plant for tomatoes. Bumblebees and other pollinators adore borage blossoms which bloom steadily up until frost. Plant a Borage at each corner of your garden, and as your tomato plants grow, your borage blooms will attract the bees to pollinate your tomatoes! This encourages your tomatoes to produce a bountiful crop of fruit.

Note* Borage has a lovely cucumber flavor and can be used in salads or as a garnish on desserts or drinks.  The flower is sweet and tasty!