Cabbage Caraflex

Delicious! The sweetest, most tender cabbage ever. A very popular 1-2 lb Bejo cabbage, Caraflex is perfect for coleslaw and stir-fries as well as salads where you want some extra crunch. This hybrid produces compact plants, allowing for dense planting. Matures in 50 days from transplanting.



Cabbage CaraflexVegetable | Brassica, Hybrid
Small, very pointed, highly uniform cabbage heads can be planted more densely. Caraflex has tight wrapper leaves that protect the tender, crunchy, sweet interior from weather and pests.

HOW TO USE: Perfect for summer salads, slaws, or cooked dishes.

Additional information


Full Sun

Plant Space


Fruit Size

1.5-2 lb

Days to Maturity