Chinese Cabbage Blues

Blues is a Napa type that can be used for either spring or early fall plantings. The 10″ tall, barrel-shaped heads have a fresh green color, bright white ribs and grow with vigor. A superior performer. Intermediate resistance to virus, downy mildew and bacterial soft rot.



Chinese Cabbage BluesVegetable | Brassica, Hybrid
Blues is a well-known high quality NAPA cabbage. This variety has many excellent features: extra early, 57 days after sowing, vigorous growing, extra slow bolting, highly resistant to virus and disease attacks. It produces a uniform head with medium green leaves. Blues is an excellent variety for growing from spring to early summer when other varieties have bolting problems. This plant is also very good for growing from late summer to early winter.

HOW TO USE: Leaves are very tender and tasty. Excellent for cooking and pickling.

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Full Sun



Fruit Size

3.5-4.5 lb

Days to Maturity