How to dry your lavender!

Okay, so your lavender is almost in full bloom. It looks amazing and smells even better!

Here are a few easy steps for harvesting and preserving it.

For 99% of Sweet Valley herbs, I recommend fresh or fresh-frozen. Lavender, however, is just lovely dried.

You will need sharp scissors and string.

Lavender is always most fragrant right before the blooms open…so cut before they are in full bloom. Cut the mature blooms just above the leaves, getting the longest stem possible. If you get some foliage it is okay, it’s super fragrant too!

Be careful not to crush the stems…tie each flower stem separately with the string. Leave about 3/4″ between each stem so that the air will circulate between them and they do not rot or get moldy.

Tie the ends of your string together to form a loop.

Hang your new chain of Lavender in a cool dark place…lavender flowers pointing down.  It will take about a month for your Lavender to completely dry.  (Lenght of time depends on your weather; longer if it is humid.)

Use your dried Lavender in potpourris, in sachets, soaps, or just hang and enjoy!