The Purpose Driven Gardener

by | Jul 9, 2011 | Live Well | 0 comments

Gardening with a purpose is starting to take root!

That’s right, it’s not just about pretty flowers anymore. Now don’t get us wrong. We love flowers! It’s just that studies are showing (Top  Gardening Trends for 2022) that people are really looking to get back to the basics of gardening. It is no wonder we are so interested in homegrown herbs and vegetables! It’s reminiscent of the old days when everything was homemade, from bread to pickles and jams. It certainly isn’t like that anymore. We seem so much busier, often times with both parents working, trying to fit in the kids schedules and not having the time to even get proper meals. We all face it – busy lives! However, we’ve also begun to realize that it’s catching up with us. And so the purpose driven gardener strives to find ways to incorporate healthy produce back into their family’s diet.

holding a basket of vegetables in a garden

So it’s no wonder we love throwing some basil into our pasta or making homemade bruschetta! Okay, so the bread is not homemade, but we are making an effort, and that does count for something. We are a generation that loves food and it seems we are getting a little tired of fast food. We are growing up and our tastes are changing. We are more sophisticated, and that means there is a need for fresh herbs and vegetables in our lives!  We also understand the importance of ‘Local‘ and what it means to our environment to purchase local products.

We are getting there! It might not be like going to Grandma’s where everything on the table was made from scratch, but that’s okay! As long as we don’t forget our roots and try to make the time to incorporate a few of things they taught us! And if you’re not sure how, here are a few ways you can become a purpose driven gardener!

Kids’ Garden

Help your kids experience the joy of gardening and tending nature by planting a ‘kids’ garden. This can be done in the ground or in patio pots. Encourage your children to be creative as they’d like! Help them choose flowers, herbs and vegetables to seed or transplant, and then let them watch it grow.

child and adult hands holding young plant

Urban Container Gardening

When space is a limiting factor, plant your herbs and vegetables in containers on your deck or beside a bright window! You don’t need to grow all your fresh produce to be a purpose driven gardener. Just grow what you can and enjoy the benefits of the few homegrown varieties you have space for!

containers with plants on urban deck

Native Plant or Wildflower Gardening

Choose a space and plant or seed only flowers and plants that are native to your area. They can be just as beautiful traditional flower gardens, and are very attractive for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

pollinator insect on wildflower

Vertical, Floor or Table Gardening

Create an instantly lush vertical, floor or table garden and experience the magical fun of plants and flowers absolutely anywhere, from your living room to your patio, kitchen counter or on the wall over your fire place. Virtually any space can be transformed and your air quality will be improved thanks to plants’ ability to remove toxins and bacteria.

vertical indoor plant garden

Start Simply

You don’t have to invest hours and a ton of money to become a purpose driven gardener. Just start with one simple idea and see where it takes you!