How to Store Fresh Herbs

by | Apr 30, 2011 | Herb Garden | 0 comments

Do you love fresh herbs, but find the ones you buy from the grocery store deteriorate very quickly in the refrigerator? Want to know how to store fresh herbs properly?

One of the main reasons the herbs in the grocery store are of such poor quality is because of the distance they travel. They are a perishable product and because they are so expensive to produce locally all year long, they have to come from a more temperate climate such as Mexico or Florida. Because they have traveled so far, they are already two to three days into their shelf life. And by the time you buy them from the grocery store, they are even older.

Here’s some ideas to help you store fresh herbs and enjoy them year round!

fresh cut herb bundles from the garden

Rehydrate Herbs from the Store

To freshen up old or wilted herbs from the grocery store, try washing them thoroughly. Herbs from the store should always be washed anyway as they are often treated with harsh chemicals. But rinsing them well and letting them stand in a cup of water can help to rehydrate them and give them a little more shelf life.

Preserving Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs from your garden will always be the most nutritious and healthy. We recommend growing a selection of herbs throughout the summer and preserving them for the winter so you can enjoy them year round. One of the easiest ways to preserve their freshness is to puree them into a paste and freeze it in ice cube trays. Pop the cubes into a bag after they are frozen, and you will have pre-portioned, fresh herbs all winter! You can use this method with almost all of our culinary herbs.