Why Chervil

(Pronounced SHER-vil)

By Anna Randall

Have you ever eaten a meal that was so incredibly tasty, with an ingredient in it that you couldn’t put your finger on, but you knew you wanted more!

Adding Sweet Valley Chervil to your dish is one herb that will leave your guests wondering, “what was in that, it was so good”!

So, let me tell you a little about this fine, indispensable French herb. 

Chervil is an annual herb that is part of the parsley family which makes sense since it resembles flat-leaf parsley so much.  Sometimes it is even referred to as French Parsley. It is a mild herb with a delicate licorice flavor, kind of a sweet cross between tarragon and Italian parsley without those flavors coming through too strong. This herb can replace tarragon or parsley and vice versa

How to use Sweet Valley Chervil

Chervil is delightful in soups and salads, eggs and fish, and ALWAYS should be added at the last minute of cooking.  Its flavor is mild and won’t hold up to prolonged cooking.

Chervil is used in French omelets and is a star ingredient in the classic béarnaise sauce (a variation of hollandaise, béarnaise is traditionally used on steak).

This herb is not one to be overlooked, considering it belongs to the group of the Fines Herbes blend, with parsley, tarragon, chives.

“Go…Ahead Get Fresh”!