What is Vietnamese Coriander?

This delightful herb has been around and used in Vietnamese cooking for centuries. Its coriander-like smell has a clear lemony note. It has a subtle pepper pungency that creates a most wonderfully flavored herb!

The ease in growing this herb makes it a “must” in any herb enthusiast’s garden or kitchen. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil, but if put in a container, part shade will do just as well. This plant is tender and should be brought in before the frost. Once inside, it’s not fussy about its environment and will make a gorgeous, useful houseplant.

The best part about this variety of coriander is that it never goes to seed, just grows foliage! Look online for many recipes that use this fantastic flavor! Or get creative by adding chopped fresh leaves to salads, meat dishes or your favorite soups!