How to Freeze Herbs

by | Jun 16, 2011 | Herb Garden | 0 comments

Preserving herbs is a great way to enjoy their flavour and freshness throughout the year when they can’t be grown in the garden. While herbs can be dried for cooking, they never taste as fresh or flavourful. So here’s how to freeze herbs to preserve more of their freshness.

frozen herbs in a bag and ice cube tray

How to Freeze Herbs Whole

The first way is to rinse herbs in cold water and shake them well. Remove any large tough stems and quickly dip the leaves in olive oil to seal their flavour. Put them in plastic bags, being careful not to crowd them. Place the bags in a container to prevent the leaves from being crushed or damaged. This will help them retain their essential oils. Then place the container in your freezer and use your fresh-frozen herbs as needed.

How to Freeze Herbs Chopped

The second method is to wash and finely chop your fresh herbs. The pack them into plastic ice cube trays and fill each compartment with water. Then freeze the tray until solid. Store the herb cubes in labeled freezer bags for up to six months.

These two methods will ensure that you have the fresh flavours of herbs at hand all year round to use in your cooking endeavours. You can also capture the flavours of herbs in herbal butters or vinegars. Either way, you’ll love the hint of earthy and bright notes in your home-cooked dishes. Enjoy!