The Wonders of Lavender

If you have never had the opportunity to rub your hands over the fuzzy foliage of a lavender plant, I encourage you to do so, the next chance you get!

The smell is almost intoxicating; sweet and pleasant, often leaving me standing and smiling after I smell it.  I never walk by my lavender plants without touching and smelling them!  It is interesting, how the aroma of a plant can give you what I call a sense of well being. No wonder lavender is used for its calming effects!

Sweet Valley carries several varieties of lavender, all with their own special fragrance and growth habits.  My favorite has to be Munstead Lavender.  It grows to be quite bushy and puts an abundance of purple flower spikes out in late June through July.  This variety does amazingly well in well-drained soil and is very heat and drought tolerant.  It is perfect for the south side of your house and a lovely addition to a walkway or patio.

Hidcote Blue Lavender

My second favorite is Hidcote Blue Lavender.  It has an amazing scent as well but is sweeter, and the foliage is a little more silver than Munstead.  Also, the growth habit is more compact and the flower is a little deeper blue-purple.   This is a nice variety for edging.

Lavender Hidcote Blue

Lavender Hidcote Blue

Vicenza Blue Lavender

We’ve tried many different varieties of Lavender and chosen our best performers over the years. One of my new favorites is the ‘Vicenza Blue Lavender’ from the English Lavender family. Vicenza Lavender will bloom from July – September!  And the smell…well let’s just say…hopefully, you have a hammock nearby!

Lavender Vicenza Blue

Lavender Vicenza Blue

If you are looking for a contrast for your Lavender garden, we have finally found a perennial white Lavender.  This ‘

Ellagance Snow’ English Lavender

This lavender will also not disappoint, with its white bloom spikes and gorgeous fragrant foliage!

Lavender Ellagance Snow

Lavender Ellagance Snow

Not only does Lavender look and smell amazing, it can be used in cooking, potpourri, sachets, bath oils and soaps.  More importantly, it is the perfect attractant for bees and butterflies, nature’s perfect pollinators! Plant lavender in your veggie garden to attract beneficial insects and watch your garden flourish.


If you have never grown Lavender, I must say, it is rather easy! Well-drained soil and full sun are its main requirements…with this, you will reap the rewards of this fragrant, beautiful herb!