Sweet Valley herbs make great gifts!

Here are a few ideas that will surely impress that hard-to-buy-for person.

Dry Sweet Valley herbs

Dry and package different varieties of fresh herbs. Place in a basket lined with a tea towel.  Add a recipe, a spatula and a few extra ingredients. This make a perfect hostess gift!

Sweet Valley Herbs Presto Pesto

How about making a large batch of pesto with your crop of basil. Purchase 250ml plastic containers to store your pesto in. Freeze for Christmas gifts. Your recipient will most definitely appreciate the fresh taste of basil in the middle of winter.

Herbal Dish Gardens

These are always a hit and can be easily personalized. How about a dish garden for the gourmet?  Include their favorite culinary herbs.  Add a personalized recipe card and voila! 

Aromatic Herbs

If the person you are buying for needs rest & relaxation you can combine aromatic herbs.